Asia is an adorable sixteen inch soft sculpted doll with hinged hips for standing
or sitting on her own. She has soft arms with poseable hands and is made completely of Doe
Suede fabric. Her facial features  are sculpted and then drawn with watercolor pencils and gel
Each CD comes with a full size printed pattern including her clothes and shoes
Each and every step is described in detail along with 117
pictures to help you along.
Price for the CD is $25.00
Gema is a Soft Sculpt Wall art doll using  my 'Open mouth' technique and watercolor pencils for her face coloring. She is
created using Doe Suede fabric for her face and just about any kind of fabric your heart desires for her body.   
The CD includes hundreds of color photos documenting each step of creation and a paper pattern  with an optional set of
arms with hands
If you love to embellish like I do you will love to make Gema.
Six completely different soft sculpture bug dolls with parts that can be interchanged to make your own
bug/creature creation.

Full size patterns
335  photographs on 134 pages with step by step instruction  for all six bugs
Working with Watercolor Pencil, Acrylic Paint, Felt tip marker and Powder make-up for coloring
Using different techniques to add the facial features
Specialized wing techniques created just for these bug dolls
Articulated hands
Free standing bodies
Book with full size
patterns included
CD with full size
patterns included
Price for CD is $25.00
If you ever need assistance please feel free to
E~mail me at