Most of my dolls are done in this same manner. All of the stitching is done through the opening in the neck so that you can have a nice
smooth head. Hair is not even necessary. I don't like to make things that are difficult and I don't like a lot of pieces to my patterns. Therefore,
all of my dolls have just one or two pattern pieces for the head. Both pattern pieces are cut out and traced onto the wrong side of doubled
fabric. Both pieces are sewn on one side directly on the line and  then cut out. Open both the front and the back putting right sides together
and matching top and bottom seams. Pin and then sew around the edge. Turn right side out.
Once turned it should look like this
and is ready to stuff
Normally  each head is stuffed 'semi firm'
You want to be able to push the form of
the face in with your fingers.
I like to use a 3" needle on smaller heads and a single
strand of matching upholstery thread with a large knot
on one end. To begin making the nose push the needle
up through the opening and up into the top of one side
of the nub where the nose will be. Push out and back in
and then down to the space underneath. Now back in
and across to the top of the other side. Push back in and
down to the space under the opposite sideof the nose
and push in and across to the first place you went  into.

**Shown in picture above**
From the top of one side where you left
off, move down  and push into  the nostril
of the opposite side. Then back in and up
to the same side at the lower point.
**Shown in picture above**
From there, push across to the other
side  and up to round off that part of
the nose.
**Shown in picture above**
Push down to the center of the other
side. Pull gently on each step.
**Shown in picture above**
You may want to do some steps more
than once to define the nose. It will
depend on what kind of fabric and how
much stuffing is used. End the nose by
pushing the needle out the entry hole.
Use a new strand of thread with a
large knot at the end and push up into
the entry hole and out at one side
where the eye will go. Push the needle
through one  dome/shank button used
for the eye and push the needle back
in and down through the hole at the
bottom. Do the second eye the same
The mouth is just two stitches.
Start by pushing up at the eye and
back down again but this time go out at
one side just below that side of the
nose. Move the needle over about
1/16" and push back up to the same
eye again. Pull gently. This will pull the
mouth up and at the same time pull the
eye in while pushing the cheeks out.Do
the other side the same way. You may
want to do all these steps again to
make it stronger.
This is a simple body done in the same
manner as the head without the sculpting.
Body and head are ready to be sewn
He just needs some hair and a hat.