Free Pattern
'Lil Luv' Doll
I have made these dolls 13.5" long and 5.75" wide. This seems to be a good size for little hands. But you can make them any size that you want.

Use any fabric that you want for the body and something you can draw on for the face. I like suede, cotton or flannel.

You will need enough fabric to cover both sides of the body in whatever size you decide to make them.
Face fabric in whatever color you want
Two shades of colored pencil-Light and Dark
Black fine tip permanent marker
White acrylic paint
Powder blush

Cut the pattern out.
On the right side of your  fabric, lay the pattern down to see where the placement of the face will be. Trace around face pattern onto skin tone fabric. Pin  
the face piece to the  right side of the fabric in the position shown on pattern. Sew around the edge in a single stitch and then do a zig-zag stitch on top of
that. If you want to add lace for a bonnet, do it with the zig zag stitch.
Turn fabric over and place pattern on top matching up the circles. Trace around the outside of the pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric. Leave a space
in the side open for turning.
Fold fabric over with right sides together and pin. With a small stitch, sew around the edge on top of the traced line. Make sure you leave a space open for
Cut out about 1/2" from stitching line and leave a flap of extra fabric where the opening is. Turn right side out.

If your going to make allot of these dolls, you might want to  make a template for the base of the eye. Trace around the outside edge of the eye without
lashes. Paint full shape with white paint and let dry.
When dry, Draw in the eye with colored pencils and fill in pupil with a black marker.
Outline and draw in lashes with the fine tip marker.
Use some white paint to make a highlight.

When dry, stuff firmly. Stuff the head first making sure to get some into the neck area.
When completely stuffed, Tuck in one side flap and fold the other under and hand stitch to close.

Use a warm iron and a paper towel to set the color on the face. Put the towel over the face and set the iron on the face for about 30 seconds.

Now put some powder blush under the eyes and add a ribbon if you want.
I've set the pattern as a thumbnail so that you can
make it bigger,but  it will still have to be enlarged on
a photocopier for a big enough size.
If you want to e-mail me I will send you the PDF file
After sewing and turning RSO
Stencil the base of the eye on
and let dry.
Color in the eye with colored
Stuff firm and stitch up opening.
Add lace and trims if you want to
Fill in the pupil  and draw eye
lashes and a white highlight.