Is a mannequin doll
and stands 20" tall
Potted flower doll
with sculpted face

Paper Pattern $10.00
Paper Pattern $10.00
'Gradle May'
is a 8" high weighted shelf sitter
Paper Pattern is $10.00
After following the diagrams
on the pattern, It should
look like this
Glue the eyes right on top
of the indentions you made.
(the eyes shown are not good quality!)
Draw in the mouth with a 'M' on top
and a 'U' on the bottom.
Add the eyelids and hold in place
until the glue dries completely.

Outline the lips with
the colored pencil.
Add color with powder foundation and a dry brush.
Up over the eye, below the eye and around the nose.
Add blush to her cheeks, lips and a little on her nose.
Use the black gel pen to outline her eyes.
See the difference it makes?
The back piece sewn down the
center leaving the tab open
and sewn darts at the bottom.
The front/center and side piece have been
sewn and are being put together.
With the RST match the center to the
side as shown in the photo
Use small pins to hold and
sew one side at a time.
After sewing the first side
and matching up the second side
it should look like this.
Match the front and back together
and sew all the way around.
Turn RSO using the tab in the back
and stuff firmly starting with the neck.
This piece of fabric should actually be
doubled over so that both sides get
sewn into it. After stitching, cut the
fabric close so that it won't show.
The wings are very simple to make
by just twisting the paper covered wire.
They actually become quite strong
after being covered and heated.
A sewing Fairy
She is 14" long and hangs from the ceiling

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Paper Pattern
13" Free standing Pixie
E- Pattern
E Pattern is $8.00
E Pattern $8.00
Paper Pattern